Sequins on the weekend

This weekend was therapeutic.  While I do feel a bit guilty about ignoring some high priority items on my To Do list, I had a little bit of fun on the creative sewing front.  After my favorite dance aerobics class concluded on Saturday morning, the instructor Lourdes hung out for a few minutes to chat about the upcoming hip hop kids dance show.  A number of her adult students help out with the show each year, not only in herding the small children backstage but also in performing one or two dance routines of their own.  I participated in my first show last June and am looking forward to the next one in a couple of months.

The back of my black and gold sequined fingerless glove.

And so the practicing and planning begins.  But what shall the adults wear this year?  It’s difficult to decide on costumes when so many opinions must be taken into consideration.  Lourdes is debating between a couple of themes, one of which involves all black clothing with sparkly gold accents.  I made some suggestions on Saturday, mostly in the hopes of nailing down the costumes early and avoiding the last minute rush that always seems to happen.  But ideas are easier to digest when you can see actual items rather than vague descriptions.  So I left the gym and headed straight to my local fabric store.  The special occasion aisle was beckoning me!

The palm of my black and gold sequined fingerless glove.

Lourdes had mentioned that short, sparkly gloves might be fun for the show.  So I grabbed the simple pattern that I had drawn up a couple of weeks ago and put it to the test.  The fingerless glove shown above is the result.  Short, sweet, sequined.  Reminds me a bit of Michael Jackson.  Not too bad for a prototype, right?  But the other dancers might not want to wear gloves, so I also whipped up a wide bracelet using the same fabric.  This one made me think of Wonder Woman!

The back of my black and gold sequined bracelet.

I also bought some gold spandex to make a soft belt that ties at the hip and a length of elasticized trim for a stretchy choker necklace, but I have not yet had time to put them together.  More photos to come in the next week or two.  I hope that Lourdes and the other dancers like my work, though that would mean a lot of quality time with the sewing machine in the near future.  I was just glad to be able to forget all of the other commitments, the other stresses, even if only for an afternoon.  In this case, creativity equaled recuperation.

I feel more refreshed than usual heading into a new work week.  Perhaps my gold sequined Wonder Woman bracelet has given me unseen power.

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