Raspberry pearl & copper jewelry set

I created this custom jewelry set for my good friend Pauline a couple of years ago.  She had had a large embellished copper cross pendant in her jewelry box for a very long time but had never been able to find the perfect necklace on which to hang it.  Most chains were either too delicate to carry the weight of the pendant or visually too small to balance its heft.  She had searched high and low to no avail, so I was thrilled when she asked for my help.


I took Pauline to a local bead store, and together we chose the raspberry colored freshwater pearls, peridot crystals, copper beads, and other components that you see here.  I use primarily sterling silver in my own jewelry line, so working with copper was a fun change.  I made sure that Pauline was involved in the entire design process because I wanted her to absolutely love the finished set.


I particularly liked the clasp that she chose for the necklace.  Its intricate detailing added an unexpected touch of romance.  The ridges and grooves of the irregular raspberry pearls gave the pieces an earthy flavor that is lacking in beads of more uniform shape.


The bracelet mimicked the general shape of the necklace and included a cute crystal and copper dangle for interest.


Lastly, the earrings maintained the beautiful colors and dramatic style of the entire set but were fashioned on a smaller scale so as not to be too heavy for everyday wear.

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