My name is Sarah Jordan, and I’m an international woman of mystery, or so my neighbors seem to think :)  In reality, I’m a full time software engineer who loves to create beautiful jewelry whenever the opportunity arises.  I enjoy balancing the analytical side of my personality with the creative side, though it is often a challenge to find enough time in the day for both.

When I was a child, my grandmother taught me to make jewelry by stringing beads onto quilting thread and tying knots at the ends.  I used materials that had been recycled from old necklaces, beaded garments, and anything else I could find in her collection of antiques.  Jewelry making has come a long way since then.  I now work primarily with flexible wire and braided thread, and I’m currently focused on beadweaving with glass bugle and seed beads.  My favorite materials are Swarovski crystal beads and crystal pearls, cultured freshwater pearls, sterling silver, onyx, hematite, and amethyst.

My jewelry often reflects a classic, sophisticated style that appeals to all ages, though I’m also known to create funky, colorful pieces when the mood strikes.  I believe that any piece of jewelry, from simple to intricate, subtle to sparkly, can be worn with any type of clothing.  It’s just a matter of attitude.

I find inspiration for my work in many different places.  One blustery day last winter, I donned a bright purple sweater and wrapped a fuchsia scarf around my neck before venturing outside.  This accidental color combination was surprisingly fabulous, and I’m designing several pieces around it.  You never know when an idea will strike, so my beading tools stand at the ready, waiting for possibility to become reality.