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Crystal ball garland

A couple of years ago, I wanted to create a colorful and unique holiday gift for my sister in law.  I gathered all of the random 6 mm Swarovski crystal bicones that had been left over from previous projects and wove them into crystal balls using FireLine polyethylene beading thread.  I then strung the crystal balls and lots of silver lined clear glass seed beads onto Accuflex stainless steel beading wire.  I added a sterling silver jumpring at each end for attaching ornament hooks.  Check out the photo of the finished crystal ball garland below.  It is the perfect size for adorning a tabletop tree.

Swarovski crystal ball garland

Raspberry pearl & copper jewelry set

I created this custom jewelry set for my good friend Pauline a couple of years ago.  She had had a large embellished copper cross pendant in her jewelry box for a very long time but had never been able to find the perfect necklace on which to hang it.  Most chains were either too delicate to carry the weight of the pendant or visually too small to balance its heft.  She had searched high and low to no avail, so I was thrilled when she asked for my help.

I took Pauline to a local bead store, and together we chose the raspberry colored freshwater pearls, peridot crystals, copper beads, and other components that you see here.  I use primarily sterling silver in my own jewelry line, so working with copper was a fun change.  I made sure that Pauline was involved in the entire design process because I wanted her to absolutely love the finished set.

I particularly liked the clasp that she chose for the necklace.  Its intricate detailing added an unexpected touch of romance.  The ridges and grooves of the irregular raspberry pearls gave the pieces an earthy flavor that is lacking in beads of more uniform shape.

The bracelet mimicked the general shape of the necklace and included a cute crystal and copper dangle for interest.

Lastly, the earrings maintained the beautiful colors and dramatic style of the entire set but were fashioned on a smaller scale so as not to be too heavy for everyday wear.

You can find more of my jewelry creations for sale in my Etsy shop.

Criss cross bugle bracelets

Criss cross bugle bracelets

I learned how to make these criss cross bugle bracelets in a beadweaving class at a local bead store.  It’s tough to see the details in a photo, but these bracelets are very sparkly and super flexible, so they are both fun and easy to wear.

Turquoise, pearls, and crystals

Turquoise, pearl, and crystal jewelry set

This is the first jewelry design that I created and sold as a set.  Each piece features round howlite beads dyed in a rich turquoise color, cultured freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver beads.  My friend Connie snapped it up before anyone else even had a chance to see it!

Custom wedding jewelry

Custom wedding jewelry

In September 2009, I was commissioned to make custom wedding jewelry for a large bridal party.  This is one of the options that I proposed.  The smooth round onyx beads perfectly complemented the classic black bridesmaid dresses and the mirrored facets of the Swarovski crystals added just the right amount of sparkle to catch the eye.  Simple.  Glamorous.

Lampwork glass beads

Lampwork glass beads

Several years ago, I met a ski instructor whose sister made lampwork glass beads in her home studio and sold them to local boutiques in upstate New York.  When she was ready to move on to other creative endeavors, she offered up her remaining beads to me for use in my own jewelry projects.  This is the jewelry set that I made for her to thank her for her generosity.